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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has ruled out reform surrounding the generous tax concessions given to property investors, telling The Advocate today that he’s more focused on winning the next election.

While stopping short of saying that in the future, the topic could be revisited, Albo made it clear where the government’s priorities are at the moment.

“I’d rather bring back conscription than do anything to investment properties,” he said.

“Any leader that puts downward pressure on property prices is, to use a quote from Barnaby Joyce, a ‘fucken dead cunt’. There’s too much wealth tied up in property. There’s only three things this country offers to the economy. We dig things out of the group and sell them to China, we educate young people from India and China and we speculate on property. The everyday punter only has exposure to one of those things – property,”

“You can’t go to a dinner party now without the conversation shifting towards property and who has cunty rich parents who shoehorned them into housing all the while they pretend like they came up with the $400 000 themselves. At the opposite end of the scale, you’ve got people trying to out poor themselves. Who’s got it the hardest? That’s another thing people like to talk about”

“But, you know, you make property prices go down, there’s so much wealth around they’ll just get snapped up, plus the Australians who are currently stretching their anus over mortgage watermelon trying to keep up with interest rates, child care and everything else, they’re wealth is all caught up in their property price increasing. You rip 30-40% out from under them overnight and you’ve got them paying a giant mortgage for some dogbox in a shithole suburb like Paddington or Richmond. Keeping up with the Joneses”

“If I try and fix it, you’ll have Peter Dutton in The Lodge inside two years. Even if I flog him again at the next election, he might get booted and perhaps someone without dreadful interpersonal skills and such a suspicious background might have a crack at leading them into the one after. If I touch housing in my second term, you’ll end up with Prime Minister Angus Taylor or even Andrew Hastie. That’s the price you’ll pay for housing reform – and they’ll just undo it anyway.”

More to come.


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