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A very spoiled dog has yet again failed to complete a walk around the block, despite acting very excited by the prospect of going for some ‘walkies.’

The Chihuahua cross, whose name is discovered to be ‘Mr Noodles’, made it roughly five minutes into the walk before he could be seen dramatically pulling back on the leash, refusing to budge further no matter how much his owner encouraged, begged or threatened.

Onlookers at the scene report the battle of wills had been an amusing way to start the morning, and that the poor owner had eventually been forced to concede when Mr Noodles had flopped his belly onto the crowd and defiantly chewed on the lead, almost daring her to drag him along the footpath.

“He was a stubborn little fucker, that’s for sure”, says one of the bystanders, who’d been out walking her yorkie when she caught wind of the tantrum, “just wanted to be carried like a baby.”

“Small dogs, they’re all bloody toddlers.”

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