Following the news that One Nation leader Pauline has pledged to ban the burqa from all government buildings if her party wins the Queensland state election, some of the lower-profile migrant communities are now worried that the champion of white working class insecurities will turn her laser towards them.

“We are quite worried” says African-Australian Gatluak Deng in a broad Logan accent.

“All it’s going to take is an African face on a police sketch and then we are all tarnished by Pauline”

Senator Hanson, who looks like her political party may once again clean up in the Queensland state election as she did twenty years ago, said the current state government were “too scared to do anything” about other cultures.

“I’m going to ban the burqa in government buildings and banks and schools,’ Senator Hanson said.

With the new and improved One Nation party basing their key policies around telling Muslims to stop being so Muslim, Australia’s deeply-rooted African community are ‘praying’ that they don’t end up in Pauline’s crosshair, like the Asians did in the nineties.

The African-Australian community have today come together to pray in a secret location, where they have discussed the best way to not attract the attention of white people who usually assume they are Muslim.

They have told their children to be on their best behaviour when talking to One Nation voters and to not give Pauline Hanson any reason to politicise them.

“We thought we’d won everyone over when that Sudanese cab driver saved all those peoples lives when the white man with mental health issues lit a Pakistani bus driver on fire and murdered him on a suburban Brisbane street”

“Or when Thon Maker got signed in the US”

“Apparently it wasn’t enough. All of these kids stealing cars in Melbourne aren’t fucking helping”


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