President-Elect Donald J Trump is reportedly reconsidering whether or not he will go ahead with the official inauguration into the White House this Friday, after learning about a community rally against him in Sydney, Australia.

Speaking to the The Betoota Advocate this morning, Vice President-Elect Michael Pence says Trump was ‘considerably rattled’ upon learning that he wasn’t popular within the Australian inner-city left-leaning echo chamber.

“It’s really getting to him. There’s been talk of cancelling the inauguration, or at least postponing it”

“It has always been a big concern of his, and the American Republican party in general, to win over the residents of Balmain and Newtown in Sydney’s inner-west”

“These protests in Sydney’s ghostlike CBD are, to date, the biggest known threat to the Trump Presidency.”

It is believed that the peformers that have been booked for the ceremony include Angelina Jolie’s dad, a runner-up from Australian Idol a few seasons back, a Bruce Springsteen cover band and 3 Doors Down, who song that Kryptonite song.

It is believed Nicole Kidman has been pressuring Keith Urban to put his hand up and perform as well.


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