Visible achievement was on show today for French Quarter resident Sally Frizel (23) as she showed off her new disposable income by not giving herself alcohol poisoning during pre-drinks.

After defying the odds and actually using her fresh degree to get a job with a decent salary, Frizel showed up for pre-drinks with her mates and drank with a steady pace that indicated she was good to pay inflated pub prices for drinks later that evening.

Pre-drinks or ‘pres’ are a cost-efficient binge drinking strategy for young Australians in which participants drink mass amounts of grog at home so they are already buzzed by the time they head out and as such do not need to spend as much on drinks.

Although seemingly the sort of activity this nation’s government would most certainly be against, pre-drinking is legal and leads to millions of TVs (tactical voms) happening in homes and venues across Australia every year.

However Frizel was doing her part to curb those figures by having just a couple of drinks during pres while her friends almost got slaughtered enough to forget how well their friend must be doing for themselves.

“Good for her, I mean, I reckon she must be doing some-uh-making some coin, pretty sick coin now,” stated one of Frizels former pre-drinking besties who would likely empty some stomach liner into a pub cubicle later.

“She better not forget where she come from though, even if she is too good for us now.”


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