The Prime Minister has been left in a state of confusion after showing up to watch the NRL Grand Final in his home state of NSW.

After failing to answer his work phone, the Prime Minister’s inner ring began a series of thinking exercises to determine where Scotty would be using Scotty logic.

“OK it’s Sunday, maybe he’s at church or that cafe he goes to after church because they have ‘real sugar,’” stated a member of Mr Morrison’s team.

“Let’s get someone up North to check he hasn’t tried to go to the Captain Cook Museum in Cooktown.” 

Following the unsuccessful manhunt, the PM’s team regrouped to draw straws to see who would be calling the Prime Minister on his personal phone to ask him his least favourite question; where the bloody hell are you?

“Where the hell is everyone?” Scotty was heard yelling down the phone with a cave-like echo.

“I’m at the bloody stadium and there is no one here!”

Despite Sydney being locked down for almost 150 days, that detail seemed to slip from Scotty’s mind as he paced around an empty ANZ stadium with the goal of being seen at the footy.

Upon arriving and discovering the stadium to be empty, Scotty assumed he was early for the NRL Grand Final, which was taking place in Brisbane, and took it as an opportunity to brush up on his footy.

“Who’s playing?”

“Who? You mean the Roosters? There’s a South Sydney team now? Whatdya know!”


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