In an announcement that has surprised absolutely nobody, a prominent trustfund baby from Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs has found it too hot in the kitchen.

This comes as James Murdoch, former chief executive of 21st Century Fox and son of Rupert Murdoch, resigns from the News Corp board of directors because of “disagreements over certain editorial content” published by the company’s news outlets.

This announcement signals the crumbling of the last barrier between the proud legacy of a once great Australian publishing empire, and a hysterical march towards full blown fascism.

News Corp’s brands include Australian publications the Australian, the Daily Telegraph, the Sunday Telegraph, and US publishers such as Dow Jones, which includes the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Post.

It also owns The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times in the UK.

James’ brother Lachlan Murdoch is the executive chairman and CEO of Fox Corp, and also trustfund baby from the Eastern Suburbs who has previously spat the dummy as well. Before realising that he has no other purpose in life other than to do what he is told by his tax avoiding multibillionaire father whose media saturation has somehow managed to limp through the invention of the internet through anti-science rhetoric and a thinly-veiled brand of white supremacy.

Both Lachlan and Rupert remain on the News Corp board, which is now left with 10 directors, who we assume think that the Black Lives Matters movement was a storm in a teacup and that private prisons are good.

James, is known as the Kendall Roy of this dynasty – and the more liberal Murdoch brother, meaning that he is inclined to believe the 99% of the world’s scientists who think that burning coal and oil into the earth’s atmosphere for over 400 years might not be that good for the environment.

He also may be of the opinion that sometimes it could be beneficial to a society if his family didn’t use their influence as owners of 70% of a nation’s media market to elect the most right-wing populists on offer.

As coronavirus ravages the USA with over 1000 deaths per day, and Australia’s greatest natural resources continue to be raped out of the ground by family friends of the Murdochs in the backdrop of record-breaking bushfires, the entirety of Western Civilisation now have no idea what might come next.

However, many do suspect Fox News will continue in it’s death spiral towards full blown fascist propaganda that well and truly holds the power to deliver four more years of Donald Trump and another three more years of Johnson and Morrison.

When asked for comment on the imminent collapse of information and ethics in western media, a spokesperson for James Murdoch’s family says that everyone needs to stop being so woke and that they feel like ya can’t say anything these days without being accused of destroying the environment and human civilisation as we know it.



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