A professional wedding photographer is attempting to justify his $4000 price tag this afternoon, charging through a wedding ceremony flaunting a full arsenal of camera equipment.

Dressed in a dual shoulder leather harness with several lenses dangling off his hip, The Advocate understands Jamie Cox, one of Betoota’s most expensive wedding photographers, has arrived fully kitted out to take some happy snaps at a ceremony today at Gum Creek Function Centre.

Ducking and weaving through several groups of mingling patrons, it’s believed guests at the wedding of local couple Henry and Isabella Wesley-Smith, have been incredibly impressed with Jamie’s nimble footwork, as he attempts to capture candid moments of guests waiting for the bride.

Parting a small group of onlookers with his bare hands, it’s believed Jamie has also briefly taken on the role of traffic management, as he makes space down the aisle for the oncoming bridal party.

Speaking briefly to the professional paparazzo, who recently appeared at Betoota’s own “Bride and Country” Wedding Expo, it’s believed today’s illustrious guest list of local celebrities has meant he’s had to polish up his equipment.

“There’s 100 big names here today, sometimes you’ve got to bring out the big gear for the big jobs!”

“I’m running two Cannons and a Nikon, I’ve got the GoPro strapped to my chest and the DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone fully charged and ready to go!”

“The couple have even organised some bloody Doves today, I’ve gotta capture every second of their flapping otherwise the hype reel will be ruined.”

Speaking to one wedding guest, local Bridesmaid Olivia Bennet, it’s believed Jamie already caught the eye of several attendees who are hoping to secure a solo photoshoot and a new profile picture.”

“I’ve been sitting in the makeup chair for three hours this morning, you don’t think I’m going to take the opportunity to try and update my profile picture tonight?” cooed Olivia.

“Ooooh it’ll even be a high-res shot too, I wonder if he can AirDrop it to me straight after!!”


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