A crash course in photography is underway this afternoon, as a local bridesmaid teaches senior members of her family how to use an iPhone.

After spending the past 45 minutes failing to grab the attention of the professional wedding photographer, it’s believed Olivia decided to enlist the support of two of her most technologically illiterate Aunt’s to help her take a few happy snaps.

“No, now you need to tap that box and it’ll centre….” coached Olivia.

“Now swipe across to ‘studio light’, and it should frame up…”

“No, no it shouldn’t have a timer sound, you’ve gone too far, give it back here!” huffed Olivia, short of patience.

After failing to capture a shot which didn’t include the smudge of her Aunties thumb on the top right of the frame, Olivia’s believed to have made one last ditch effort to get a photo with the correct lighting.

“Now, I’ll set the camera for you, you just have to click the little photo circle!”

“No, the camera shouldn’t be facing your way? Christ sake you’ve gone into selfie mode!”

After several minutes of phone fumbling and watching in horror as her Aunt Bethany and Aunt Sue also somehow managed to accidentally “Go Live” on Instagram, it’s believed Olivia’s all but given up hope of securing an updated profile picture from today’s festivities.

Speaking to The Advocate, Olivia lamented to our reporter the frustrations of teaching someone over the age of 40 how to use a touch screen phone.

“Honestly, I teach 10-year-old kids who’d be able to take a better picture than what this lot dished up!”

“How do baby boomers make it through a regular day in 2022 unharmed when they somehow can manage to disconnect themselves from WiFi every 10 minutes!”

“I mean you’re a reporter, can’t you just take one for me?” More to come.


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