Popular radio station Triple M has today caused a few eyes to well up across the country.

The cause of the waterworks has been a touching tribute to the former drummer of their flagship band the Foo Fighters.

6 weeks after the passing of Taylor Hawkins, the station has paid tribute to the man – by continuing to play the exact same stuff they play every single day anyway.

The lovely gesture features the stations’ programmers continuing to loop the exact same songs they have played for the last 2 calendar years to break up the 10-minute ad segments.

The official Foo Fighters broadcaster said it was the least they could do, and have promised to continue the tribute daily for the next 10-15 years.

Local concreter Jack Parsons told The Advocate that he’s not usually one for ’emotions and all that,’ but the Fooey’s tributes for the last 6 weeks have been special.

“Obviously Taylor’s passing hit us all pretty hard,” said the 38-year-old concreter who looks like he’s about to celebrate his 50th birthday.

“And we’ve all been really appreciating the endless loop of Foo Fighters songs,” he said.

“Except for the long-haired apprentices who are always trying to change the Makita radio to Triple J”

“Don’t know how they listen to that repetitive shit, all that music sounds the same if ya ask me.”

More to come.


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