For the first time in 12 years, interest rates have finally risen.

It’s an announcement from the Reserve Bank Of Australia that has understandably put the fear of god into millions of average Australians.

However, it’s not just homeowners and renters who have been spooked, with a few local media billionaires getting quite a fright as well.

Rupert Murdoch is one of those media moguls, who is now horrified that the rising interest rates could cause comfortable Australians who like the status quo, to get a little uncomfortable.

The raise, which is believed to be the first of many, will see people with a mortgage of 500,000 having to pay an extra $50 a month.

With millions of citizens already under extreme mortgage pressure (defined as having less than 5% of your income after bills and mortgages are paid), Australia is now staring down the barrel of up to 300,000 homeowners defaulting on their mortgage over the next fortnight.

That horrifying consequence of the people who control our economy turning a human right into a commodity is now expected to be a serious PR problem for the Prime Minister.

Something which a man who owns 80% of print circulation in the country is worried he can’t fix.

After initially refraining from pushing full-blown Liberal-National propaganda, Murdoch has now ordered his staff to go into overdrive to try and get this thing over the line.

So after a few front pages urging people to vote for the likes of Josh Frydenberg and Captain’s pick Katherine, Murdoch has now informed all editors that they must churn up Anthony Albanese’s employment rate gaffe from a month ago.

“I don’t care if you think people are sick of it,” Murdoch reportedly said.

“I want it everywhere. Enough is enough. We aren’t playing anymore.”

More to come.


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