Local HR professional, Shel Monterey (31) has today arrived at her South Betoota office today with bags under her eyes and a wry smile.

It isn’t because she blew her mind partying over the weekend, and it isn’t because of new developments in her love life.

The over-caffeinated edge and satisfied grin is directly related to the fact that she spent over 3 hours chewing her nails and tapping her feet last night – as she watched two of the world’s best athletes going toe-to-toe on the court.

This comes as Novak Djokovic defeats a third seed Stefanos Tsitsipas to win his 10th Australian Open and a record-equalling 22nd major — in a classic Balkan-style nail-biter that kept the nation up well past their bed time.

As well as reclaiming the top spot on the world rankings, Djokovic has also avenged himself against the treatment he faced at the hands of the since-ousted Prime Minister Scott Morrison during a pre-election sideshow that saw the Serbian’s visa denied the last time he visited.

As a stubborn European, Djokovic made for an easy punching bag for the embattled Australian government – real tennis fans like Shel know that he really is one of the best we’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing play.

“The superstition, the aggression, the unpredictability” says the absolutely exhausted office worker.

“I just love it”

“It coulda gone another couple hours. And I’d prefer a bit more of those OCD ticks we see with Nadal. But as far it goes for anxiety-inducing adrenaline-charged sporting cyclones that I have to white-knuckle through until I finally get to bed to thrash around for hours”

“Last night was one of the best”


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