Sports fans across the nation and the world are joyful dancing around in unison today, after a stirring sporting victory last night.

Following a year of bans and a couple of years of inciting love and passion amongst anyone who vaguely follows the world of tennis, Novak Djokovic has reclaimed his Australian Open trophy.

The Serbian star wiped the floor with the hot-headed and aesthetically hot Stefanos Tsitsipas, winning his favourite tournament in straight sets.

This follows Djokovic’s principled stand to avoid getting his shots, and playing in last year’s Australian and US Opens.

While that stand drew applause from the world and saw him hailed as the modern day Cassius Clay, it was his decision to hold a spicy cough party during the height of the last couple of years that won him the most fans.

Now, after being forced to sit out major tournaments and getting kicked out of Australia because our PM wanted to score some cheap political points, Djokovic has finally won his 10th Australian Open.

That win takes him to 22 Grand Slam Singles titles, and levels up the scoreboard against Rafael Nadal.

“It was just so good to see the bloke get back on top,” said one nuetral sporting fan today.

“Regardless of what you thought of Scott Morrison, I think we can all agree that we just love Novak Djokovic.”

“A battler who kept on battling.”


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