For local woman Tessa Thoms, watching Friends used to be a guilty pleasure she only indulged in annually whenever she felt the urge for a hit of nostalgia.

Now, at age 27, Tessa finds herself turning to the iconic sitcom as a way to escape from the nonstop onslaught of shit that life throws at her, that together with fine lines and sore knees, is another wonderful part of getting older.

Throw in the fact that the show’s theme tune now all of a sudden strikes a chord with Tessa, who for the most part had spent the latter of her 20s being broke and perpetually single, and suddenly the idea of being comforted by neatly tied up story arcs makes sense.

Tessa could start a new show if she really wanted to, honestly, she could, but there’s just something very comforting about knowing what’s coming for a change. 

Tiredly rubbing at her eyes, which incurs a series of expletives because she forgot she’s wearing mascara, a life weary Tessa explains her logic behind watching the Emmy award-winning show for the fourth time this year.

“If it’s been a particularly stressful day at work I find there’s nothing better than coming home to a glass of wine, family-sized block of chocolate and a few episodes of Friends.”

“And it’s always a stressful day. Have you ever tried working in an office full time? Full of fuckwits.”

“Hospo staff are nice, heck even retail staff are alright. I don’t know what it is but give them a fucking email signature and they turn into insufferable dickheads.”

“Within seconds of hearing that theme tune, I’m like, ten years old again.”

Tessa adds that ‘even though it sounds tacky as shit’ Friends will always be there’ before muttering something about ‘unlike other people.’

“I’ve just come to accept that this is my life”, adds Tessa, as she shovels a handful of dry cereal into her mouth, “you try listening to bloody Brenda from HR go on about her acid reflux all day and not come up with some weird coping mechanisms, I fuckin dare ya.”


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