George Christensen has told The Advocate today, ‘that he’s had enough.’

The Member for Manila explained that Australia’s is too reliant on Asia, and he’s not going to sit back and let things unfold.

This follows Christensen’s legal threat to Summons the Chinese Ambassador to answer questions from a parliamentary committee, and his persistent agitating on the Coronavirus Issue enquiry despite all his colleagues telling him to ‘shut the fuck up, please.’

The man who publically described China’s decision to put a halt on beef imports because of a breach of quarantine a ‘bastard act,’ rather than talking to his colleagues to try and sort out the issue like a proper grownup politician, said he doesn’t care if he’s agitating the Chinese government.

“Fuck em,” said the man who spent 297 days between mid-2014-2018 in the Philippines, where he allegedly spent a fair bit of time in the Red Light district of Manilla.

“I don’t give a shit if China’s our biggest trading partner and could economically cripple the country and my regional electorate that relies on exports to China,” Christensen said.

When asked whether the fact that a significant proportion of the 75% of our nation’s Sugar Cane is exported overseas, Christensen said it’s more important that we score some easy political points rather than ensure the best for one of his electorate’s biggest industries.

“Anti-sugar advocates are the biggest threat anyway, not a global superpower looking to flex by fucking over some of our key exports like they did with Barley this week,” Christensen said.

“I might be the representative for Dawson, but I’ve long proven that I’m a vocal advocate on things that don’t really affect my electorate like Radical Islam, inner-city leftie agendas and the origin of the coronavirus.”

“So that’s why I’m joining the brigade that wants to hold China accountable so they can pat themselves on the back and say I told you so regardless of what economic impact it has on us.”


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