With the silly season well and truly coming to an end, many Aussies are trying their hardest to enjoy the back end of January by indulging in as much hedonistic behaviour as their body will allow them. 

With resolution far enough in the rearview, there’s been a return to the good food, good company and good booze mantra of past years. 

For local bloke Bryce Spooner, that is certainly the case tonight – with the old Tuesday Frisbees getting the nod.  

With a big year behind him, and another shit looking one ahead, Spooner says it’s time to just enjoy the little things in life. 

“I had a couple of little blow outs over the weekend,” explained the young man living his best life. 

“And obviously the levels of piss fitness I’ve achieved, that takes a fair toll on the body.” 

So, with a tough drawn out day at work coming to an end, Spooner and his equally endorphin depleted housemate find themselves browsing a Pizza Hut menu for the perfect little Tuesday night treat. 

“The only shit I’ve got in the cupboard is rotting vegetables and a can of beans, which sounded a lot less appetising than BBQ chicken pizza, a side of cheesy garlic bread and a 6 pack of Queensland’s finest,” he laughed. 

Pleasantly surprised by the new option to add beer to his order and therefore saving the argument of who was going to drive to uncle Dans, Bryce concludes there really isn’t anything better than a pizza, beer and watching the entire Marvel filmography in chronological order with your mate.

“It’s like reliving the glory days of university, but without the mounting debt and not having to think twice about paying for a 6 pack to be delivered to your door,” he laughed. 

“This could become a thing again.” 

More to come.


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