A treasonous Tasmanian woman has today been met with a wave of backlash from some of Australia’s brightest Liberal Party bootlickers, after refusing to hide her emotions to appease the ego of a powerful man.

Not even the government’s most talented propaganda photographers could avoid the images captured at The Lodge in Canberra this morning, as the Prime Minister attempted to orchestrate a warm and fuzzy social media post in a photoshoot with 2021 Australian Of The Year, Grace Tame.

The 27-year-old advocate for survivors of sexual assault arrived at the 2022 Australian of the Year morning tea looking unimpressed as Mr and Mrs Morrison stood for photos with other people as she waited to enter the event

“Hello Grace,” the Prime Minister was then heard saying.

“G’day,” she responded.

“How are you going? Congratulations on the engagement,” Mr Morrison continued.

“Thank you,” Ms Tame said, not making eye contact with the same Prime Minister who told Parliament that Australia’s women’s safety protestors werre lucky they weren’t met with bullets while protesting in Canberra last year.

Tame then smiled at Jenny who said something that couldn’t be heard.

Ms Tame then appeared visibly unimpressed while standing for photos next to the Prime Minister.

She didn’t say anything once the photos were taken, before walking off.

However, Tame’s honest expression of her emotions has been lashed today, by a range of fragile male journalists and Liberal Party figures who believe women should not only be seen and unheard, but seen to smile.

News Corp shill, Peter Van Onselen slammed the footage as “embarrassing, for her that is” – a damning analysis, especially when coming from a man who knows the true meaning of embarrassment after his best mate Christian Porter had his political career annihilated by accusations that he is the exact type of man that Grace Tame is fighting to protect women from.

“She was ungracious, rude and childish, refusing to smile for the cameras, barely acknowledging his existence when standing next to him. The footage tells the story free of overstatement’’ the prominent Liberal Party cheerleader wrote in The Australian.

Another giant jar of mayonaise, in the shape of Peter Griffin-lookalike LNP Senator James McGrath wrote on Facebook that Tame was “surly”, “childish”, “disgusting” and lacking “manners.”

It is not known if the outgoing Australian Of The Year will apologise for her treasonous actions, but many can assume that she might not be as quiet about her feelings when she relinquishes her title in 24 hours time.


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