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The nation’s First Lady Jenny Morrison has been tasked by happy-go-lucky husband-go-Prime Minister Scott Morrison to find out why Australian of the Year Grace Tame isn’t speaking to him at the nice party he threw for her at his gaff.

“Can you just go over there and see why she’s not talking to me anymore?” Mr Morrison asked Mrs Morrison.

“Is she angry with me? I don’t know what I could’ve done.”

The instruction comes as news media outlets reported a short time ago that Grace appeared to not be enthusiastically greeting the Prime Minister in official photos from the event, which has drawn criticism from journalists that live in houses in postcodes that have a zero as the second number.

However, the biggest bemusement came from the party’s host himself, who told The Advocate that he made sure to put a “Tasmanian” spin on the event as to make the Australian of the Year feel more at home.

“We had, uh, some abalone and some oysters,” Mr Morrison told our reporter.

“I had the house staff put the ABC on. We had Jim Bacon’s portrait taken out of ArtBank and put in the foyer. We had lots of that, uh, I think it’s Strongbow. We had that and some Cascade and John [sic] Boag’s beer. Sorry, just racking my brain here, we had some Cadbury’s things. Not a Tasmanian company but it’s made there. I was going to wear by Blundstones with my suit but I’m not a cave man, I went to a GPS high school,”

“So I don’t know why Grace looked like she wasn’t enjoying the carnival-like atmosphere of the garden party I threw, so I got Jenny to go over and see why she was not talking to me,”

“Turns out she was just tired. Thank God!”

More to come.


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