Men’s world number one tennis player Novak Djokovic has frantically picked up the phone this morning after being diagnosed with Covid-19.

The tennis star who contracted the disease after setting up a tournament, which also gave a handful of other stars, and plenty more staff the virus, explained that the first thing he did after getting diagnosed was to call his General Practitioner.

Speaking exclusively to his ‘favourite Australian newspaper,’ The Advocate, Djokovic explained that he desperately pleaded with noted healer Pete Evans to help him.

“I was just trying to set up a tournament to lift people’s spirits,” said the player who was spotted dancing shirtless at a very European party after the tournament, where there was very very little social distancing going on.

“But now I have the Corona,” he sighed.

“And I gave it to everyone else too. So I need Pete to send me over some of those $15,000 light machines that cure this virus,” explained Djokovic, who publicly announced his stance as an anti-vaxxer a few months ago.

“Pete said they are hard to get his hands on, so they might cost a bit more but he will send me one over ASAP.”

Djokovic then confirmed that if he can’t get that device he will probably fold like most anti-mainstream health advocates when they need actually need a cure for an ailment.


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