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This evening in a French Quarter terrace, one naïve good boy doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into.

“Nnnoooo, Toby, you silly sausage, you don’t want any of daddy’s Jungle Curry,” said one local man.

That only seemed to encourage Toby the animated dog, as he proceeded to sit down – a trick he knew would result in a treat.

“Naaww Toby! No, even though you’re sitting down I still can’t give you any”

“This isn’t good for you!”

Toby then barked three times, which is believed to roughly translate to “Don’t tell me what’s good for me, Bryan, just give me some fucking food”

This demand seemed to have hit home with the owner who then caved.

“Ohh Toby, ok, fine! But don’t say I didn’t warn you”

Toby then scoffed down his serving of Jungle Curry in less than 30 seconds, in the following 30 seconds the wave of spice could be seen hitting the dog.

He began dog-crying and drinking all the water in his dog bowl.

“Oh my god! Toby! I knew I shouldn’t have given you any curry!”

At the time of press Toby was okay and only 24 hours away from begging for more of his owners food.

More to come.   


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