Cops in the sleepy Lower North Shore of Sydney have today revealed that they woke up with the biggest morning wood ever.

A media officer for the Local Area Command named Alex De Angelis explained that the entire unit was pretty trigger happy this morning after learning that 5 lions were on the loose.

The incident occurred at Taronga Zoo, after 5 lions reportedly escaped their enclosure and started wandering around the zoo.

That caused an immediate reaction from zoo staff, who frantically worked to recapture the animals before the police could turn up and pull a Cincinnati Zoo.

“Yeah, we didn’t need that lingering over our heads for the next decade or so,” explained a Zookeeper at arguably the best attraction in the nation’s most expensive city.

It’s unknown how the lions escaped, but it’s believed they may have been plotting the escape for some time with a Zebra and Hippo.

Unfortunately for the animals, they were apprehended before they could make their way to the island nation of Madagascar (pronounced Mad-ah-gas-car, not Mad ah hoo ha).

As a result of the quick re-capture of the animals, it’s believed the police members in question are sit to hit the streets to do a few strip searches at a few nearby train stations.

More to come.


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