Zookeepers at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo are currently in crisis mode, with the escaped lion saga taking a sensational turn.

It was reportedly earlier this morning that the Zoo had gone into lockdown after 5 lions managed to escape from their enclosure.

While zookeepers had moved to quickly assure the public that all of the lions have been returned to their enclosure and the zoo is safe for visitors, shocking new allegations have surfaced.

Sources inside the zoo have informed The Advocate that one lion is still on the run.

It’s believed that the lion is also joined by a single zebra, giraffe and hippo as well as a quartet of penguins.

While keepers at the zoo are adamant they’ll be able to locate the animals shortly, the reports have emerged at the same as an eyebrow raising incident just off the coast of Sydney.

A cargo ship has ceased communications with coastal authorities receiving a message from someone named Kowalski before losing the line.

The navy has been sent to investigate the suspicious activity, concerns have been raised that they may not intercept to vessel in time, which seems to be making a bee-line for the island nation of Madagascar.

More to come.


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