The entrepreneurial spirit is alive in some sense in the newly developed West Betoota Shrublands housing precinct.

Local millennial Baden Podovic is the newest resident of the tightly knit community after securing a schmick new home loan that he’d rather not talk about unless it is to a therapist.

And so it was, the young man defied the standards of his generation and celebrated property ownership, his new home loan, and how he has officially made his last million. 

After years of working long hours in a job he tolerates on the best of days and makes him want to open an expressway on either wrist on the worst, Podovic finally had enough money together to secure a downpayment on a house with no yard, no access to public transport, and no air conditioning upstairs. 

Despite this new home lacking basic living conditions and walking access to anything other than identical houses, it still required Podovic to take out a home loan of over one million dollars, the largest and most fleeting sum of money he will ever have to his name.

“It’s cool, it’s kind of like making my first million,” stated Podovic as he straightened his pocket square for the obligatory ‘sold sign’ photo to be accompanied by a caption about all the things no one tells you about buying a home.

“More accurately though it’s kind of like making my last million. Ever.”

“But I am now a homeowner! I just need to convince my friends who still rent in the city to come visit me out here some time! Please.”


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