A local Betoota man is weighing up his charitability this afternoon, pondering how much money he’s willing to donate to a man who once sucked a vodka shot from his belly button.

Perched on the couch dual screening NRL 360 and his nightly Facebook scroll, Jason Waters (27) is believed to be startled after reading a post from a former travel companion, Kurt Edwards, who he once met on a Khao San Road pub crawl.

A person he barely knows, it’s understood Jason picked up Kurt Edwards as a new facebook friend after a lengthy bend session in Bangkok, which resulted in Kurt spewing on the steps of a sacred temple on the banks on the Chao Phraya River

In a lengthy post on Facebook, Kurt said that despite years of bending, he would now be taking 31 days off to raise funds for charity.

“Hi all, as you all know, I love a beer…” the post began with a winky face.

“So you’ll know how hard it will be for me to join my colleagues participating in #DryJuly this month…”

After several more paragraphs, which were copy and pasted from the Dry July website, it became clear Kurt was attempting to garner some much needed financial support for his selfless act of sacrifice.

Clicking through to the donation link, Jason told The Advocate he was torn how much he should donate, given his last encounter with the active party boy.

Toggling between the option of $35 and $50, it’s understood Jason asked our reporter whether it was acceptable to be a tight ass and just drop $10 into the column prescribed as “Other”.

“Don’t look at me like that, I don’t even know him that well!” said Jason, defending himself.

“The last time I saw the bloke he was four Thai Whisky buckets deep and about to steak a TukTuk for a joyride.”

“Then again we kinda turned Bangkok upside down that night, so I better jam him $50 and it can pay off our sins.”


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