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A local man with a sensitive little belly has allowed the little devil on his shoulder to talk him into doing something he really shouldn’t today.

The 20-something engineer from Betoota Heights named Levi Davis did so down at his local corner store today, blocking out the voice of reason and the voice of his girlfriend.

Davis did so when he decided to treat himself to a little creamy treat, ignoring the fact that he knows his body can’t handle it.

“Let’s see,” said the lactose intolerant man picking out an ice-cream and pretending that his intolerance had packed up shop and left overnight, allowing him to enjoy milky goodies for the rest of his day.

“I’m craving a Maxibon,” he said fishing out the ice-cream against the pleas of his girlfriend who was well aware of what comes next.

“Please don’t Levi,” said his girlfriend Mischa Little.

“Just get a fruity one, or something without milk please,” she begged.

Ignoring his sensible significant other and ploughing on, Davis spoke to us out the front of the corner store in the Heights as he chomped through the Maxibon that was about to put him all sorts.

“Nah, I haven’t had one for ages, I might be okay,” lied Davis to us, as his girlfriend shook her head.

He then plodded off down the street as his girlfriend explained why she was dreading the next few hours.

“See how he is walking away now,” she sighed.

“He’s going to be running in about 2 minutes, as that lactose runs through his body like a 100 kilo Polynesian ten-year-old through a local footy comp.”

“I wouldn’t care what he subjects his body too if I didn’t have to live with him.”

“I have to share a bathroom with Levi after he swallows that creamy hand grenade.”

Little explained that her boyfriend might have a short memory, but she doesn’t.

“A couple of weeks ago he ate a whole serving of Butter Chicken after he promised he wouldn’t order anything milky at the local Indian Restaurant.”

“I had to go and sleep on the couch that night.”

“Hopefully this time the ice cream sandwich just rips through him quickly and does drag on into the night.”

Little then left and followed her boyfriend who was walking fairly briskly when we drove past him.

More to come.


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