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“Is this guy for real?” Lucy Beach uttered to herself after the man in the seat in front of her put his seat back as soon as the fasten seat-belt sign went off.

While the dickhead in 12C isn’t breaking any real aviation laws, it’s the unwritten code of flying that he’s just broken.

Now, not only does Lucy have even less of her already minimal seat space, but she’s forced to put her own seat back – infringing on the personal space of the passenger behind, in turn creating a chain reaction through the whole plane.

The Advocate made contact with Lucy onboard the Airbus A380 by calling in a favour with the pilot of their Betoota to Hong Kong flight.

“How selfish do you have to be?” she asked.

“I bet he’s also the kind of guy who drinks the last of the milk and puts the empty carton back in the fridge.”

“I mean, this is an 11-hour flight, surely he could just watch movies or something upright until after dinner’s served?” Lucy continued.

Wanting to know more about airway etiquette, The Advocate reached out June Daly-Watkins, undoubtedly the authority on social etiquette since the 1950s.

“Ms. Bendinger, it is the height of rudeness. Airway Etiquette rule #87 clearly states that should you need to put your seat back, you must wait until after the meal is served. Should there not be a meal, you must wait until at least one hour into the flight.”

“I’m disgusted by this man’s behaviour.”

With 10 hours left on her flight, it’s believed Lucy has turned to self-medicating with 3 Valium in hopes of being unconscious for the majority of the trip.

More to come.


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