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The new national hero that is Egg Boy has made more headlines this afternoon, after pulling up and asking a family broken down on the side of the road if they needed a hand.

The incident occurred just moments ago when Egg Boy was on the way to visit some family members after watching the Rugby League with his elderly neighbour Frank.

After keeping the old man company for a few hours as his beloved Parramatta Eels battled it out with the Penrith Panthers, Egg Boy jumped in the family car and headed off down the street.

A short time after departing from his neighbour’s house the young man noticed a family with car problems.

Pulling over he offered to help the family with the jumper leads behind the passenger seat.

“You guys need a hand,” he said pulling up alongside the stressed out father.

After being informed the family didn’t have Roadside Insurance, Egg Boy hopped out and helped them sort out their car troubles.

Quickly chucking the kids a couple of pieces of gum that he had in the car, Egg Boy hooked up the leads and sorted out the issue almost immediately.

Within minutes, the car troubles were sorted and the family were off to a birthday dinner at their Grandparents place.

More to come.


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