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The nation’s newest hero has continued being an all round good bloke this afternoon by popping over to watch the Sunday arvo footy with his elderly neighbour.

The new hero known as Egg Boy explained to our reporters that he knows his neighbour Frank loves the Rugby League, and struggles to find company for the games down in the Victorian Football hub.

“Yeah Frank’s from up north and loves the League, and so I knew he’d like some company for Round 1 this year,” Egg Boy said to The Advocate. 

“I mean obviously being from Melbourne and all I don’t really get around the game that much, despite it being the ‘greatest game of all,’ but I know he really likes it so I just try and catch a game with him whenever I can.”

“I know he likes going up the road to the local, but they don’t show the games up there, just running highlights from some 2001 Essendon Carlton game or some shit like they do.”

“And given he’s a Para fan, things have been tough for him, so I figure he could do with some company.”

“Anyway, we are about to kick off here so I’ll talk to you guys later.”

More to come.


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