A share-house in South Betoota has today been forced to take drastic action.

After 7 days of non-stop Taylor Swift echoing through the halls of the quant 5 bedroom project home, one of the members of the share house has decided to take matters into his own hands.

“Enough is enough,” he sighed, flicking the mains power off at the switchboard.

“Hear that,” he whispered to our reporter.


The power cutting move from one of the members of the house dubbed the PittStop in multiple group chat comes shortly after Taylor Swift released her latest chart topping album.

Titled Midnights, the album has managed to nab the entire top 10 singles spots on the US charts and the airwaves inside the Betoota sharehouse in question.

“I can’t shake it off,” sighed one roommate.

“I get it, she’s a massive Tswizzle fan and she’s been hanging out for this for ages, but the rest of us haven’t.”

“And I can’t listened to the muffled music of T Swift anymore.”

“I need a break, even if that means lighting a candle and running my laptop of battery power for the next few hours.”

“If told everyone not to flush the toilet or open the fridge unless they have too, so now we can enjoy a few moments of silence,” he laughed.

At the time of the final quote from the house mate, the ‘Power On’ noise from a portable bluetooth speaker echoed through the house.

“Fuck,” he sighed.


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