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Local woman Skye Molan has a unique gift of ruining her own day.

Really, it’s quite spectacular the lengths her mind will go to, and how desperate it seems to be to remain in a perpetual state or worry. Heck, if it’s not searching for the smallest sign that her body is ailing somehow (usually diabetes or some form of cancer), it’s lying awake at night, and imagining a loved one dying. 

Or coming up with a fake argument in her head, where her boyfriend says something mean to her. And then getting hypothetically mad at him for being so hypothetically awful.

For today’s random intrusive thought, Skye finds herself wondering what facial feature a caricature artist would target, should she ever come across one. Not that she would, considering the only street performers she’s seen in the Betoota CBD are the occasional opera singer, a balloon man and some Polytechnic music students trying to make a quick buck.

Nonetheless, this thought always her brain to do what it loves to do best – pick on Skye!

“It’d be my FUCKING NOSE”, she thinks, giving it a honk, “god I hate my stupid nose.”

There is nothing wrong with Skye’s nose, but she is used to comparing it to celebrities’ little ski jump ones, which are almost always, crafted by a surgeon.


More to come.


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