Local softcore pornography content creator, Pammy Broakley (27) has today had to endure the most humiliating moment of her young adult life.

That is, visiting a career guidance counsellor to toy up her options as an unskilled worker in the current Australian economy.

This comes as Instagram users in Australia are now no longer able to see how many “likes” a post has a received under trial changes to “remove pressure” on the digital platform’s users. Which is a vague nod to the fact that the multinational tech giant are starting to think they might be causing an pandemic of mental health problems.

As of today, Instagram will now be rolling out the trial update removing the total number of likes on photos and viewings of videos on user feeds and profiles, and permalink pages – which is a huge change to their current user experience, leaving many to question if their true motivation is one of genuine concern for their self-validation-obsessed customers – or is it about promoting sponsored content that usually gets ignored for photos of hot chicks in bikinis.

Users will still be able to see a list of likes on their posts, just not the overall number.

However, these changes look like they might crush small and large businesses right around Australia, including self-employed insta-babes like Pammy.

As a late-twenties rigtrepreneur, Pammy is now forced to consider the possibility of becoming a mature aged student at the Betoota TAFE or local Catholic University – after deciding not to study in, or after, school the moment she hit 14k followers at the age of 16.

“How are my news sponsors, BLEACHEDPEACH pussy whitening, supposed to know how many people liked my most recent post of me lying on the side of pool in t-string lingerie?!” she questions.

“I’m not sure Pammy” says the career counsellor, Glenn (56).

“Have you ever thought of getting into catering?”

“Maybe some temp work archiving at the courthouse?”


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