A shocking incident has been reported at a Betoota Heights residence this morning.

In the heart of a quiet cul-de-sac in some made-up housing estate built 20 years ago, police are considering pressing charges of fraud, after a child discovered a Danish biscuit tin, with Danish biscuits in it.

The breathtaking discovery was made by 9-year-old Maizee Robbins a short time ago, who said she was poking around her grandmother’s house when she made the discovery.

“I spotted the biscuit tin this morning, and didn’t get my hopes up,” Maizee told our reporter.

“Nan has them everywhere, and my babcia also has them all around her house. But they never have anything good in them.”

“Sewing needles, randoms utensils, attachements for things that never get used, seed packets and so on,”

“But never biscuits”

“However, this tin looked so new that I thought maybe I’d get lucky and find an old boardgame that’s box had disintegrated or something interesting to look at.”

However, when Maizee opened the tin, she said she received the shock of a lifetime.

“Nearly half full of biscuits”

“Delicious ones too”

“I couldn’t believe it, so I thought I’d better call mum, and she was so shocked she reported it to the authorities”

“Poor nan’s a bit stressed about all the fuss, but hopefully she lets me have a few more biccies”

“Fingers crossed”

More to come.


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