A local man has bought himself one more year ring-free, by surprising his long-term girlfriend with a new staffy pup.

Despite spending the last 8 years in a long term relationship with his high school sweetheart Jess Edwards, it appears local plumber, Alex Duffy, is still not 100% ready to settle down and will most likely need to be dragged kicking and screaming to the Church altar.

Introducing the new staffy ‘Simba’ to the world of Instagram this afternoon, the debut of the adorable young pup raised plenty of eyebrows across Duffy’s inner circle of friends.

“What’s the delay? Seriously Alex has just gotta accept that his single days are over,” said close friend, Tom McKenna.

“He’s met her grandparents, he’s been on a joint holiday with her parents, he even put an offer on a house with her last year!”

“He knows he’s gonna have to propose, so hurry up and do it!”

An undiagnosed commitment-phobe, it’s understood Duffy may need therapy to correct his case of ‘Dirty-Knee Phobia’, a psychological condition that prevents Australian males from getting down on one knee and putting a ring on it.

Speaking with Duffy’s long term girlfriend, Jess Edwards, it’s believed the surprise pup has certainly boosted her hopes for a romantic year ahead.

“I mean the dog is cute, but to be honest I’m even more excited that I can finally start researching wedding venues for 2023,” said a hopeful Edwards.

“Sure I would’ve loved a ring on my finger on Christmas eve like all my other friends, but I’ll happily take a little pup for now.”

“Seeing as Alex wants to take it to puppy school, maybe he’s planning on training it to go fetch me a big diamond ring!”

“If all goes well we could be engaged by Easter – he better hop to it!”

More to come.


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