In a stark reminder of the dangers posed by negligence in the workplace, an employee of Betoota Transport and Logistics has walked right past a stationary, unloaded pallet jack, without even attempting to ride it.

“I don’t know what I was thinking” explained a shaken Brian Cox.

“Like, it was right there in front of me; I walked around it, and didn’t even think to try to take it for a spin. Normally I’d be trying to get to the far wall with a single push or try to do some skids or a full 360 or something”.

Workplace Safety Supervisor Andrew Holiday said the incident served as a reminder that actions in the workplace can have serious consequences. “That’s why I called this meeting” he explained “without personnel piss-farting about with forklifts and pallet jacks we could see some real serious consequences, such as me not having a job here anymore. And I need this job, my wife just spent almost $3000 on a built-in wardrobe, can you believe it? So just think about that next time you spot the pallet jack, just sitting there, on a nice smooth concrete surface, totally unsupervised”.

Meanwhile, a pensive Brian has pledged to pay more attention to lonely logistical equipment in the future, describing the incident as a ‘one-off’.

“Yeah, dunno what I was thinking, to be honest,” he mused.

“Normally I’d be all over an unloaded pallet jack. Hell, I rode the friggen’ thing to and from work for most of last week when the mechanic was fixing my transmission”.


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