Local sound editing freelancer, Katie Moore (25) has today tip-toed around some Instagram nostalgia.

With Queensland and NSW only now just opening up their pubs and allowing groups of 5-10 to socialise in outdoor settings, Katie’s most recent post on the social media platform still appears to be a very clear violation of these new relaxed restrictions.

It’s for this reason that Katie has made a point of notifying her followers that this photo was from a while ago, just in case anyone was wondering if she had decided to spend her weekend surrounded by 50,000 people in the mosh pit of an Ocean Alley gig in the middle of the COVID-19 lock down.

“You’ve just gotta be careful” she says.

“I don’t want to get Nathan Cleary’d for this photo. The last thing I want is for the police to give me a call”

As a resident of Betoota’s French Quarter, Katie could find herself in quite a spot of trouble if she was accused of travelling 17 hours to cross the NSW border to violate social distancing with tens of thousands of people from all different corners of Australia at the North Byron Parklands to stand front of stage while overseas performed for them.

“I mean, you’d hope that most people would realise that music festivals are absolutely banned from taking place in New South Wales at this time, but you never know” she says.

“I mean, it’s clearly a photo of me at Splendour In The Grass, which has been postponed this year. But, still everyone is ready to get outraged”

This was confirmed by the comments in Katie’s instagram post, where high school frenemies who didn’t really give the caption a good read took the opportunity to be a little passive aggressive.

“Haha. Wow. Good to see you guys are taking this all seriously” said Emma, some alpha female that seems to care a lot more about Katie’s actions than she should.

“Haha. Wow. We aren’t allowed to do anything like that yet” wrote another cold war acquaintance, Brianna, who is currently based in the East Berlin-like state of Victoria.


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