A popular local late 20s women has rolled the dice on the full G.I Jane haircut, despite not being 100% confident that she has the ears for it.

Georgie Binney, a local interior designer from Betoota’s Old City District, has today informed the world that she’s moving on from the six-months of emotional turmoil that resulted in her breaking up with her long-term boyfriend Benny.

“Oh it looks great, babe” says Georgia’s close friend, and increasingly worried bystander to this quarter-life crisis.

“You really pull it off”

While Georgie continues to talk a big game of quitting her job and going travelling for a year, the dramatic new hairstyle appears to be enough for now.

The fact that Georgie didn’t even use the opportunity to raise money for charity suggests that shaving her head was an impulse decision while mildly hungover on Saturday morning.

However, this new look, paired with an intense month-long regime at a local high-intensity interval training gym, has completely overshadowed the relationship dramas – that many believe are still ongoing, due to the fact she’s constantly leaving the room to take phone calls.

“Yeah I think I might keep it” says Georgie, who is currently looking for a couple to she can offload two return tickets to Thailand onto.


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