At 7pm on Friday the 9th of April, households across the Australia are urged to stand on their doorsteps and balconies and applaud the efforts of the NRL administrators and the brave players for their hard work in re-starting the 2020 rugby league season.

This comes as the Australian Rugby League Commission announces it plans to get rugby league back on the television by May 28.

Following landmark meetings with the NRL’s innovation committee on Thursday, the ARLC has approved plans to get the competition up and running almost 10 weeks after it was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

ARL commissioner Wayne Pearce, who is head of the gloriously named ‘Project Apollo, said the changing landscape around government boundaries has prevented the committee from confirming a new season structure.

“We are back, baby” said Pearce.

“Oh it’s on. You better believe that”

“Not sure if we are gonna do it on an island or we are just gonna fence off a entire suburb in Western Sydney. But it’s happening”

“The boys will be fit, quarantined, and ready to run the ball.”

With every other sporting code in the world except for Turkish table tennis and Belorussian footsul suspended due to coronavirus, the news that the NRL will be returning has been received with cheers right around Australia and the world.

The brave decision means not only will our beautiful rugby league be exposed to foreign regions outside Lebanon, New Zealand, the pacific and North England for the first time – But it also means the horribly managed NRL might not have to fold due to running out of money with almost no savings in the war chest.

In response to this brave decision by NRL adminstrators to push forward with entertaining the masses, Australians have been invited to all join in tomorrow night for a nationwide round of applause for the NRL.

‘Clap For The NRL’ is an initiative created by South Australian Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, who says it is imperative for all Australians to show our gratitude to the brave men and women that make up the rugby league.

“Join me at 8pm tomorrow night everyone as we CLAP FOR THE NRL” wrote Hanson-Young on her Facebook page earlier today.

“In these uncertain times, Todd Greenberg and Peter V’landys are the people bravely fronting press conferences and zoom meetings to discuss ways to deliver live sport to the punters and dribblers of Australia and the world”

“In the words of the iconic Tina Turner, a historical figure in the history of Australian rugby league, the NRL board is simply the best!”

Landmarks including the Brisbane Gallery Of Modern Art and the Sydney Westpac Needle will lit up in maroon and blue as residents give a round of applause in appreciation for the National rugby league from their door steps and apartment windows.

All participants are encouraged to film their applaused and email them to [email protected]


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