A suburban dad has been roused from a deep slight today when a driver had the audacity to use his driveway to turn around.

It’s alleged Ian Porter had been watching Motorcross when he fell asleep with the remote in his hand, ready to reprimand anyone from changing the channel, should his dozing brain pick up on anything other than the sound of squealing tires.

This form of sleeping, known as the ‘dad nap’ gives the illusion of a deep sleep, but is actually a carefully evolved defence mechanism to trap unsuspecting onlookers. In this case, his daughter Kat switching the TV back to Netflix. 

But what Ian hadn’t expected, was the absolute worst of dad faux pas to occur instead…the unmistakable sound of a stranger on his property.

It’s said that Ian experienced some kind of spidey sense, which had caused him to wake with a sudden jolt and tiptoe towards the window, peering viciously through a slat in the blinds to see the culprit.

“Yeah turn around mate.”

“On ya go.”

Growling until the car left his property, Ian gave the window one last glance before gnawing on the edge of the remote and circling back to his armchair.

More to come.


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