All models of Ford’s BA Falcon are urgently being recalled after multiple reports of traction loss in late-night back street settings such as industrial estates and incomplete residential developments.

The popular BA Falcon, built between 2002 and 2005, was available in a wide variety of 6 and 8 cylinder configurations and with a wide range of body styles including sedan, utility and station wagon versions.

All 281,197 BA Falcons produced are affected by the recall with most of these still on the streets.

“Time and again we get called out to reports of a vehicle doing so-called “burn-outs”, “donuts”, “skids” or “drifting” in isolated areas” said Constable Airquotes, from Betoota East Police Station.

“However, when we get there, the driver explains they were just minding their own business, legally driving through a deserted area in the middle of the night, when suddenly their vehicle unexpectedly loses control and skids all over the road, sometimes for an extended period of time”.

The Constable added that, whilst rare, other types of vehicles were sometimes found performing the aforementioned stunts, however, these losses of traction were generally found to be intentional.

“It has reached the point where we can’t just say it is a coincidence that the BA Falcon is over-represented in these types of incidents. I would say that 9 times out of 10 a late-night loss of traction incident involves a BA Falcon, and in all of these situations the driver says the vehicle is to blame. In fact, just last night a unit returning from an unrelated call-out noticed a BA Falcon performing “burn-outs” in the Betoota Grange Industrial Estate.”

“Luckily, just as we arrived on the scene the driver was able to regain control of the vehicle and turn it off, but from the markings, on the road it was clear that he had been trapped inside the out-of-control vehicle for an extended period of time. It must have been quite a traumatic experience, especially for a P-Plater. The young man was certainly very shaken up when he was talking to us”.

In a recent Press Release, Product Safety Australia said that all owners of BA Falcons should immediately engage their hazard lights and drive very slowly to their nearest Ford dealer for a free software re-map to quickly correct the problem.

In the meantime, Constable Airquotes said there are steps that BA Falcon owners could take to minimise the risk of unexpected traction loss.

“Firstly, avoid driving at night, especially around underpopulated areas which seems to trigger the problem. Secondly, avoid disengaging the “Traction Control” feature, as this appears to aggravate the issue. Thirdly, where possible avoid replacing the rear alloy wheels with stock wheels, as this also seems to make the loss of traction much more likely”.


  1. On the east coast of NSW, Commodores do the same, but only if they have an audience. I think it is the areo effect of the red P plates. seems to happen with grren Ps and rarely with elderly drivers. I have a BA falcon, so iahd better get it checked asap. thanks for letting me know.


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