An incredibly important and time-poor man has today wowed the crowed at Betoota’s Remienko Domestic Aiport.

The man who must a be a celebrity or something has demonstrated how important he must be by booking himself ‘Priority Boarding’ for his flight to Brisbane.

A weird variation of first-class, Priority Boarding allows passengers to get on the airplane roughly 45-60 seconds earlier than the rest of the cabin.

As well as allowing people to board the plane before everyone else, the relatively costly exercise also allows people to put their bag into the overhead luggage without potentially having to touch someone else’s bag and sit down on an incredibly uncomfortable chair on the plane rather than a simply uncomfortable chair in the important.

“Geez, that guy must be pretty important,” said a fellow passenger forced to endure the indignity of boarding alongside the rest of cattle class.

“Some sort of VIP operator. Wonder what he does,” said another.

While the man in question was too important to provide comment or give any insight into his importance, the Jetstar crew said he seemed to be doing some incredibly important Candy Crush business.

“It looked like the real top end of town stuff,” explained one of the stewardesses.

“We really wanted to ask him what he did, but we are told to keep it a bit more professional, so we did.”

More to come.


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