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A recent report conducted by Relationships Australia has revealed some interesting findings, including how women can identify single blokes on sight.

According to a head researcher Lauren McKinley, women no longer have to rely on just wedding rings or social media to deduce a bloke’s relationship status – they simply need to see what type of dog he has. 

“If the dog looks as though it’s from a shelter, there’s a high chance the bloke is single”, says McKinley, “but if the dog looks as though it costs a month’s worth of wages?”

“He’s either got a girlfriend, engaged or wifed up.”

“If he’s got a Poodle hybrid, sausage dog or Frenchie, just don’t fucking bother.”

McKinley states that this phenomen only effects straight blokes, as many gay men tend to lean towards designer dog breeds as well.

“Staffies are also a tricky one, as they can go either way”, says McKinley, “but yeah, at least with a random non identifiable big dog, you have probably a 70% chance he’s single.”

“Expensive breed, I’d say a 90% chance he’s coupled up.”

More to come.


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