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In less developed parts of the nation, clocks went forward an hour for daylight savings overnight and one South Australian sexagenarian proudly let younger members of his family know about it.

Gavin Rutledge, of nearby Innaminka, told his grandsons that this morning he had to get the ladder out of the garage and take the wall clock down to manually wind it forward – just like he’s always done.

He spoke exclusively to The Advocate this morning about why things were better back in the good old days and how funny it is that his teenage grandchildren have never really had to do what he just described.

“These days the bloody clocks move forward automatically!” he said.

“That alone makes kids soft. They’ve never had to climb up on a ladder and get the clock down. You know how dangerous that is for old folks like me? My generation was just built tougher,”

“But in saying that, if I did have a tumble this morning, the grandkids would’ve been in for a shock when the came over for lunch! I’d be stiffer than a boogie board in Alberta by the time they would’ve found me! [laughs] My bloody head would’ve bounced off the kitchen tiles like a bloody squash ball! Then I probably would’ve flip-flopped around like a carp on a river bank! Bloody going everywhere! That would’ve shocked those little fucking soft cock Millennials!”

Our reporter agreed with everything he was saying for the express purpose of concluding the interview as soon as possible.

More to come.



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