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The people of Albury, in the NSW Riverina, has pleaded with the State Government not to close the Victoria border because doing so would deny them access to a popular Wodonga amusement park.

Totally Fun lies just over the border in Wodonga and would be out of reach from nearly all Albury residents should the border close.

Complete with put-put, mini train rides, goats and one of the most visually-repulsive websites on the internet, Totally Fun has been a cornerstone of entertainment in the region for years now.

Being cut off from such a place has Albury resident Chive Bergamot worried.

“How am I supposed to keep the kids entertained? They shut down Frog Hollow years ago,” she said.

“And how will the people of Wodonga survive without access to pokies and a Myer department store? Has the government even thought this through?”

Chive’s sentiments were echoed by a polite large-gummed man from Wodonga, who said he was concerned that the park’s many shetland ponies would starve without the children of Albury coming to feed them hay from the comfort of the mini train.

“Shetlands aren’t as agile as goats,” he moaned.

“They can’t climb up in the train and eat the hay from the children, they must throw it from the train for the shetlands to eat.”

When asked by our reporter if he was feeling OK, the large-gummed Victoria said he was feeling great – then continued on rambling about driving a truck full of fertiliser into a government building and things of that nature.

His details were passed onto the AFP.

More to come.


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