Local Gatton man, Bryson Meares (29) says the only politician in this country that appeals to him his Pauline Hanson.

Despite often making fun of Pauline Hanson as young boy in the 1990s – Bryson says his views towards the firey-haired protectionist have changed substantially since he began watching breakfast television.

“Pauline says what we are all thinking” he roars, while staring at the giant framed photo of Alfie Langer in the front bar of the Forest Lake hotel.

“How the fuck did they get that up there?” he says, briefly off topic.

“That’s gotta be at least 20 kilos. Look at the frame!”

When steered back to the conversation of Australian politics, Bryson says the fact that the bourbon and cola he is drinking costs $7.50 is enough proof that this country has gone to shit.

“Mate do you know how fucking expensive it is to own two cars and a house in the outskirts of Brisbane. These Muslims aren’t fucken helping!”

Bryson says what upsets him the most is that the ‘Islamified’ Southern lefties from Melbourne and New South Wales are controlling everything that happens in the world.

“Mate, they tried to make me get up earlier with daylight savings the cunts”

“How the fuck does that shit work anyway? Like you get to get off work early? Or you just have to get up earlier? I’m glad we stayed strong up here and kept the normal, Australian time”

“Anyway. Until the major parties can find a way to lower diesel prices for my cars, I’m gonna keep voting for Pauline”


  1. “………….Until the major parties can find a way to lower diesel prices for my cars,……”

    Posh cunt!
    Here in the Canadas, only rich folk can afford to buy diesel-burning vehicles. We poor amble about hither and thither in traditional North American gas-guzzling Land Yachts. Innit?

  2. My brother just left. Started on the local council at 17 and will retire there. He voted for Pauline and can explain daylight savings. The cunts a complete knob. Were all fucked


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