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“You bias prick!” he yelled as family in the next room jumped.

The unsinkable Tony Jones had just rolled his eyes at Tasmanian senator Eric Abetz and cut him off with a black-handed and ultimately condescending remark – rather than let him voice his opinion.

“What a fucking wanker! Karen! Get in here! Get a load of this fucking bedwetter! He’s such a fucking bias prick, no wonder no cunt wants to go on his show.”

Karen was cutting up cucumber in the kitchen for the prepackaged lasagne’s side salad. She didn’t respond.

But the air of decorum and gum-shaded paradise was shattered by Ralph Bereman last night at 45 Heinze Link Road in Betoota Heights.

It was shattered because Tony had upset Ralph once again.

Speaking this morning to The Advocate at the Betoota Heights Dog Wash, Karen Beremen said she doesn’t know why her husband watches Q&A every Monday if it works him up so much.

“It is biased and anybody who says it isn’t has rocks in their head,” she said.

“But everybody knows that. Old Autofelatio Jones saying the show isn’t biased is like Eric Abetz saying he didn’t know about the plan to shaft Turnbull. They’re both lying, over-paid public servants who ultimately would be living in a bus shelter if it wasn’t for public money,”

“But it does make for compelling television, though.”

More to come.


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