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Yesterday morning around 9, Peter Midas’ phone rang and on the other end of the line was Liam Cruikshank.

Liam is a keen fisherman with a particular penchant for the fly fishing variety, however, he seldom finds people willing to stand alone with him in a local river for hours on end.

Which is why, on a bright Monday morning, Peter rang the Betoota Heights property manager at his desk to invite him out for a day of fly fishing this Saturday.

But Peter had never fly fished before – he’d never even thought about it until now. In saying that, Peter loves to game fish out in the open ocean. The sun, surf and unabridged consumption of bargain basement beer on a multi-million dollar game boat.

Speaking to our reporter this morning, Peter said he agreed on the spot.

“Yew! What a way to spend your Saturday! How good?” he asked, rhetorically.

“Pulling brownies out of the Cooper. Liam’s even got all the gear for me, too. Told me not to bring a thing. So yeah, that means all I need to bring is the piss. Some mutha-fuckin al-co-hol! Woo-hoo!”

“How hard can it be? Just a bit of back and forth with the old wrist and there you go, a big brownie in your net.”

Our reporter, in the interests of balance, decided to speak to Liam as well about the upcoming Saturday on the Cooper.

And what The Advocate uncovered will chill you to your very core.

“No, it’s actually quite hard,” he said.

“That and you can’t really do it pissed because it takes a great amount of dexterity and coordination. There’s really not much it has in common with game fishing,”

“But I understand Peter enjoys all types of fishing. He said he hasn’t tried to fly fish before but we’ll see how it goes. I bet he’ll love it.”

More to come.


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