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Meeting a neighbour can be a warm and terrifying experience. Unfortunately, only the latter was true for local couch musician James Eastment (29).

During a routine equipment unpacking between his car and garage, Eastment bumped into his neighbour Graeme Deane (55) who began an immediate and unwarranted chat about gigs he had been to.

“Mate, I’ve been listening to The Oils for since they were called Midday Oil,” laughed Deane.

“I hear you jamming in there, I’ve got an axe meself [sic], maybe we could jam together sometime?”

It was after this exchange that Eastment immediately drove to a hardware store and began purchasing materials to comprehensively soundproof his entire garage.

“It’s to stop the noise going out but hopefully it stops a few things coming in,” stated Eastment while lining his garage walls with eggshell foam. 

“God, I hope he didn’t hear may say [redacted] during all my acoustic hip hop covers.”

Witness reports state that Deane has been spotted sitting on his front veranda holding a five-stringed acoustic guitar and gazing at Eastment’s garage waiting for the faintest hint of sound.


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