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If evolution has taught us anything, it’s that anyone who says they’re an alpha male is most definitely not an alpha male.

However, every so often someone’s alpha claims are taken seriously if they’re half decent at sport, namely on the cricket field.  

Unfortunately for the self-described alpha male, Luke Smith, his sporting ability is doing nothing to back up his alpha status claim.

Desperate to prove himself to the boys in his work cricket team, Luke talked up a big game, however, when push came to shove, he wasn’t even close to handy.

The Advocate caught up with some of Luke’s teammates to see just how dismal an effort he put in and if in fact, he’s more of an omega male, the lowest ranking male there is.

“Yeah, he is 100% an omega male” laughs Lachy, a slow, fast-bowler for the team.

“You should see his batting technique, it’s atrocious”

“And his catching, fuck me you’d think the bloke had butter up his sleeves his catching was that pathetic”

Intrigued by the reports from Luke’s cricket game, The Advocate looked further into Luke’s background to see what on Earth led him to labelling himself as an alpha.

According to Luke’s mother, to make him feel better about himself she once told him he was an alpha, she says he just clung on to it – even though it wasn’t true.

Luke’s mother says she doesn’t have the heart to tell him she lied, that it’s easier to let people just figure it out for themselves.

More to come.


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