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The long-suffering father of a local crypto pig has lamented the fact that his idiot son had most of his meagre earnings in Bitcoin and other digital assets, which means he’s now destined to spend the rest of his life in the annex out the back of his gorgeous Arts & Craft mansion in Betoota Grove.

Carlisle Harrington AC told The Advocate, of which the 74-year-old is a board member of, that his eldest son has been avoiding him since returning from the New South Wales ski fields last night and he now knows why.

“My middle son Robert has been telling me about Bitcoin for years,” said Mr Harrington.

“He usually makes himself present when he returns home from a holiday, to speak to his mother and me about it. However, last night was simply different. I heard the garage open while I was watching that new film on Netflix featuring that short-haired American yahoo Adam Sandler, great flick by the way. Robert’s car drove in and the door shut, I heard his heavy footsteps come up the stairs to the kitchen. I heard him take something from the fridge, typical, then back to his bedroom without saying a word,”

“He, like many other people his age, moved home to save for a house deposit. That was five years ago and I have a terrible fear that the money saved is now gone. That would just be the final insult for me.”

Mr Harrington paused and let out a small sigh.

“He came to see me at work a year ago and gave me the elevator pitch on a bitcoin with a dog on it. I told him his little sister just passed her Fellowship Examination and is now a fully-qualified surgeon,”

“I might have to bite the bullet and just peel off a quarter rock and give it to him to fuck off out of my annex.”

More to come.


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