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A local publican is offering to pay handsomely for the right casual bartender as the nation grapples with a shortage of young foreigners to exploit.

Norman Gordon, the publican of the Royal Lord Commercial Courthouse Railway Hotel in our town’s fabled Old City District, is offering a company car, car space, paternity or maternity leave, leave loading, flex leave, 19% superannuation, four weeks paid holiday, travel and uniform allowance, pathway to equity, long service leave, stock options, meal allowance and much much more to the right applicant.

“We’re desperate to find workers, I’m not afraid to say that,” he said.

“It really is a worker’s market at the moment. If one of my staff gets a better offer, they just stop turning up to shifts and block my number. It’s hell. I have no idea when I’ll be called on to cover a shift, they just won’t turn up,”

“I’ve forwarded my concerns about the labour shortage onto our local member and he just told me it’s a problem for the Liberal Party, not the Nationals. I mean, what’s a man to do? I’ve had to shut the pub on more than one occasion,”

“All I want is to be treated with a little respect by my workers. Is that too much to ask?”

More to come.


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